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My macbook Pro recently started having issues where the Airport says the wifi signal is full, yet is extremely slow(.5mbps compared to 30 that i normally get.)

It also cuts out but says it is still connected, but chrome, safari, itunes all cannot connect even to google.


So far I have tried,

Deleteing the playlist items in system configuration

restarting the router manually and from the router control panel

shutting off my airport card and turning it back on

set a new location in network preferences

setting DNS to Google DNS and openDNS

setting IPv4 settings to manual

checking the router channel

restarting my computer

setting the network utility to constantly ping

checked the preferences on the netgear router site

turning bluetooth on and off

setting and unsetting a firewall

using network diagnostics


the only thing that works is to turn airport off, then on again and reconnect. even then, I can only get a few page views, sometimes only one, before it stops loading anything. my wifi connection used to be amazing, then one day it just started doing this. I get very slow speeds when I can connect, and downloads are extremely slow.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)