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HI. I have a question. I am replacing (finally) a MAC G5 PPC with a MAC Intel (tower). I have 2 Apple Cinema Displays - a 20 inch and a 23 inch. When I migrated everything from the PPC to the INTEL, I hooked up one monito to each cmputer. Good. All fine and dandy. Now, I shut everything down and I want to connet both Apple Cinema Displays to the new Intel. However... the new Intel has DVI pots and only one PIN port. Ok..so I went and bought a MINIDisplay to DVI adapter. Now.. here's the problem:  


When I pug in both displays, the bigger 23 inch stays dark (although the power is on)...but it takes OVER as a primary display! Which annoys me because now I cannot see my desktop...only that is in he secondsary monitor...  So I went to System Preferences and tried the DETECT DISPLAYS.... it only shows one. However when I go to GATHER WINDOWS..  I see TWO blue icons that symblize displays. My bigger display..still dark. I tried resetting the PRAM...nothing.


I'm wondering if all of a sudden my biggers display gave out? I mean..it was just eralier today that it was working. Oh...and one more thing: if I do not use the 20 inch and plug in ONLY the 24 inch... still dark.


Help. (my mac is Intel Tower running on Mac OS 10.7


Many thanks in advance.


PS I now see two window displyas when I say DETECT WINDOWS One is 1920x1200 (which I assume is the 23 inch) and the other is 1680x1080 (which I assume is the 20 inch). So I would think that the system preferences can detect these two monitors, but why is my 4 inch black??? Did it fry>

Apple Cinema Display (23-inch DVI 2005), Mac OS X (10.5)
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Solved it. I am an idiot. It was the power unit. They look the same so I hooked up the 20 inch to the 24 and viceversa. I'm an idiot :-)