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Hey There,

    I just bought an iPhone 5 (my very first smartphone, in fact!) a few weeks ago, and am wanting to transfer my iTunes music library to the iMatch interface.  (I only have the 16 GB version, so I'm somewhat concerned about storage capacity.  So I want the library in iCloud, and not on my iPhone.)


   At any rate, I have unlimited access to my own laptop, which uses Windows XP (SP3), as well as limited access to a family computer running Windows Vista.  I will, essentially, be creating a whole new iTunes library on the "transfer" computer, uploading music from my actual *physical* CDs.  My question is two-fold:

          1.Is there any way to "work around" the fact that iMatch doesn't technically support XP?  and


          2. If not, in your opinion, would it make sense to upload the CD albums into my library using my XP laptop, and then transfer them to the Vista computer in some way?


I'm thinking that, simply "authorizing" the Vista computer would only give me access to my PAID iTunes songs, and not the ones in my library on the XP laptop...Yes?  Would I have to back-up the XP playlist onto an external hardrive first, and then transfer it to the Vista's hardrive, and upload them into iTunes on that computer?  Or could I somehow "send" those songs to the Vista PC by deauthorizing the XP laptop, etc.?  Maybe there is some sort of cord to link the two computers...LOL  Just throwing things out there.


Or...Should I just use my time with the Vista computer each day, and suck it up?  My parents are not thrilled with the idea of having a bunch of songs taking up their harddrive space, either... 0:)


I hope this all makes sense.  Let me know if there's any additional information I can provide.





iPhone 5, Windows XP