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All of a sudden, Safari shows symptoms of Alzheimer's: My login data get lost again and again, although they're stored in the cookies. I fill them in again (after searching around for a while), I remain logged in for a day or so – and then it's the same again.


Any idea what might be going on?


Thank you very much in advance!

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    OS X version?

    Are you synchronizing Safari with iCloud?

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  • Linc Davis Level 10 Level 10 (178,385 points)

    This issue is caused by Safari synchronization in iCloud. You can either disable it in the iCloud preference pane, or use a rather complex workaround found by some ASC members (which perhaps could be improved):

    Back up all data. Disable Safari synchronization on all your devices.

    Rearrange the bookmarks in the Bookmarks window. From the Safari menu bar, select

    File ▹ Export Bookmarks

    and export your bookmarks. Then delete all bookmarks.

    Re-enable Safari synchronization and let it sync the empty bookmark set to all devices.


    File ▹ Import Bookmarks

    to restore the bookmark set you just deleted. It will sync.