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  • obikenobi Level 1 Level 1

    i won't be buying them either anymore. it's like a gamble to get one in top condition.

    luckily mine is also good now with no scratches or the sound. but it's crazy how long it takes.. 3 times is just crazy.


    apple is like their stock, going down.



  • jon01721 Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed with Obi.  No reason to accept a flawed system (especially at what Apple charges). 


    It took me exactly 2 weeks to get the replacement system.  Mine did *not* get any sort of priority treatment though.  In fact, the store said that there would be an extra 5-7 days delay in processing the return and that it would be faster if they issued me equivalent gift cards and I reordered on the website.  My laptop was a suitable substitute during that time so it wasn't a huge deal but I already unloaded my old iMac and would have been ticked if I was stuck with nothing for that time. 


    2 overnights with the new system and no pops yet.  Starting to wonder if my issue was a little different because I had a very localized pop in what appeared to be the middle right-hand side of the screem.  If it lasts until Monday with no noise I'll feel better. 


    BTW Smiklich, did your system come with Fusion drive?  Every report I've read with this particular issue has included a Fusion in the configuration.



    Side note - I upgraded from 8 to 32gb using Kingston memory for around $190 and the system screams.  Much better than the $600 Apple wants to charge!

  • obikenobi Level 1 Level 1

    i've had both the cases of pops. one was localized and one was random and couldn't be localized or went from left to right. oh well.. persistence wins i guess. finally got the system i paid for. so people don't settle for the pops. it's so annoying.


    thanks everyone for the info!

  • hifidawg Level 1 Level 1

    What about the power coord being the case of the problem?  Was that just a hoax solution

  • jon01721 Level 1 Level 1

    There's a good 27" internal guts picture at -on-the-inside/ - I wonder if my issue had something to do with the fan/exhaust assembly stuck there in the mid-right.  Would make sense if my localized pop kicked in when the system was warming up and the fan was going into higher gear.  May have been an electrical arc from a faulty connection.  Who knows.    As long as it doesn't start up on this system, for the love of God. 


    One of the veteran Genius Bar guys was chatting with me about this when I brought it in and he suspected that it was an isolated problem due to the relative lack of reports on the Web about it.  That's good news and bad news since it means a recall is unlikely so even more reason to swap the system within the return window. 

  • obikenobi Level 1 Level 1

    apparantly. 2 days nothing after that it came back. got my 4 th rplacemnt in yesterday. this one is perfect. but because it did go away for such a long time i think it all is about the power supply thing..

    so yea.

  • smiklich Level 1 Level 1

    Well I returned the Imac to best buy and received another....I had to drive 50 miles to the nearest best buy that had one in stock .Well I got this one home and it seems to be ok iso I guess I am happy.I do have one question though why does apple not use anti static material as a cover instead of that white cloth material?While unboxing my imac I got quite a jolt when when pulling the white cover off then touching the imac to pull the plastic off .You would think they would not want all that static around the machine when it is not plugged in and grounded .I searched you tube and I see alot of people getting zapped when unboxing their Imac when pulling that white cover off.Every other computer I have ever owned it packaged in the big grey anti static bags.Well I guess I am Happy now if the pop devolps again I will post back

  • obikenobi Level 1 Level 1

    yea i know that is indeed kinda weird..

    apple is being like very unlogical. wonder if i ever wil buy a new product direct when it comes out. with all these problems



  • Eddie Ski Level 1 Level 1

    I would guess your static discharge issue is environmental. Not everyone has this issue. Because it is dryer in winter months, you should increase your humidity. And the static from the white bag would be reduced.


    As for Apple using white bag-cost. Apple isn't going to put computers in static bags. Parts, definitely, but not computers. That is a VERY big bag. And you are the potential.


    Not that I am criticizing your query, but I think Apple should get this feedback. Maybe where they unbox, the humidity control reduces static discharge. But styroam and certain material are prone to static buildup. Even that clear film that protects the finish.


    BTW, I visited a friend that has a Mac Mini on his desk. He needed an backup and when I touched my hand to the mini to plugin his new USB HDD, BAM! Discharged! The screen flashed briefly too. I was not happy to see this, but his carpet was the reason...and he says it happens to him every time, especially in the winter months. I forsee a new mini in the future...


    Form over function

  • jon01721 Level 1 Level 1

    Nearly 4 full days with my replacement and not a pop or other noise to be heard.  The fan is a TINY bit louder than my 2009 iMac but still barely discernable so it doesn't bother me like the Chinese water-torture of a random popping sound. 


    Seems like Apple could benefit from a review of their factory QC process.  Reports of metal filings in boxes, fingerprints, and scratches on the casings ain't good. 


    Anyways, for anyone stumbling across this thread, I highly suggest replacing your system if you're getting any sort of pop. These systems are too pricey for compromise on any hardware issues.

  • smiklich Level 1 Level 1

    @eddie sky ...I know you are not criticizing my query but I am just wondering is it possible the charge was on the computer and discharged on me.I thought static electricity was looking for a ground or is it looking for a difference in energy meaning that the object with more potential energy discharges on the object with less.I am asking this because does this damage the computer or is the case neutral even when its not plugged in  ?.


    No static yet lol I hope it stays thay way

  • smiklich Level 1 Level 1

    Guess I spoke too soon ,This morning pop started ...I just dont get it Im so dissappointed right now I thought I received a good one but I guess I spoke too soon

  • obikenobi Level 1 Level 1

    oh no! well that ***** indeed. i would advice you to take it in for replacement.

    hope the next one is as it supposed to be.

  • smiklich Level 1 Level 1

    Im not driving 50 miles one way again to get this replaced by Best Buy again ..Not sure even if they will do another and the apple store wont help me

  • jon01721 Level 1 Level 1

    Best Buy has to abide by their own return policy, regardless of how many times your replace it, but that doesn't solve the driving 50 miles part.  Have you spoken with Apple's customer service directly?  I *think* they can still send you a box to replace it and they will mail you the new one directly.  Call them at 800-767-2775 and demand a supervisor if needed.  Tell them you've driven 200 miles so far and have gotten 2 defective machines.  Have your serial number and date of purchase handy.  No guarantees but it's worth a try. 

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