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I work at an archive and had to crop some black bordered 1280 x 720 square pixel clips to 4 x 3 (960 x 720), which eliminated the black borders, but retained the vertical resolution, perfect for our workflow, and for delivery to clients. 


HOWEVER once I had exported these files through compressor (v 3.5.2) or QT Conversion and pulled them back into FCP, the 'Pixel Aspect' column in the FCP Browser window said HD (960x720).  This is despite stating in the Compressor Geometry tab I want square pixels, or exporting direct from a FCP sequence that is 960 x 720 square pixels. 


No matter what I do, or how confident I am that the pixels are in fact square, FCP stretches out the resulting files, for some reason assuming my footage is 16 x 9.  Does anyone know of a way round this issue?  I know that I myself can manually change the 'Pixel Aspect' to square in the Browser to get the clip to display properly at 4 x 3, but this doesn't help our clients, who I would worry would just assume it's a non-square pixel 16 x 9 clip!


Help would be much appreciated!

Final Cut Pro 7, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Well, it's problematic as there is no such thing as a 4:3 HD format.  What you are doing is very non-standard, and FCP is based on standards.  One standard is that 960x720 is anamorphic 720p HD. If you look at the sequence settings, if you click on the FRAME SIZE drop down you will note that it says "960x720 (16:9)."  So it will stretch it out to fill the frame.


    Now, you can try to trick it by choosing CUSTOM 4:3, and making it 960x720, Pixel Aspect Ratio SQUARE.  See what that does. 

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    Hi Shane, thanks for the advice.  I know it is non-standard but it would work for us and our clients if this one annoying feature didn't exist!  I am prescribing in the geometry tab in compressor

    Frame Size: 960 x 720 [Custom (4:3)]

    Pixel Aspect 1.0000 [Square]

    Which is what makes me think the resulting file IS most probably square pixels...and that is why I thought (this is a guess) that it is more of a FCP IMPORT issue, where FCP is recognising the 960x720 frame size and either ignoring the pixel aspect ratio or just assuming it was shot anamorphic.  Hmmmm...any more ideas??

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    OK...do that in the SEQUENCE SETTINGS.  Change the sequence to match.