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Trying to troubleshoot the boss's Mac mail.  Before he went on a trip to Japan, it worked fine.  Now, when I click on connection doctor, it says that the SMTP can't connect with smtp.gmail and asks to verify username and account settings.  We've done so, and it still won't work like it should.  It won't receive mail, though it will send it.


What could be the issue?


The gmail account is working fine, so I know it's nothing on that end.


Could it be that it's trying to use the wrong port?


Also, where it asks for the email address in the account information window, he has two email addresses, separated by a comma.  I don't think it should be this way, but he insists it's always been this way and that it worked fine before.


Thanks for your help!


I believe Boss's comp is a Macbook Pro running system 10.6.8.