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i will list the things i have done in the past 24 hours, hopefully one of you knows what happened...thank you in advance


first off, my situation- was that i bought a macbook pro(about a year ago) with lion or snow leopord it is software 10.7.5 i dont know what the guy did but when he sent me the computer the username was off and so was the home folder, i changed the username with ease but the home folder stayed tbd and i couldnt figure out how to change it. well it finally got on my nerves enough from looking at it that i wanted to change it today that put me into the situation i am in. Here is what i have changed:


-I added a second profile as to see if i could change the home emblem file named tbd to what i wanted.  This worked or so i thought. 


- then shared and permissions showed tbd(me) so i wanted to change that also so i went into systempreferences>users and groups>login options>network account server and clicked join/open directory utility.  this is where i believe i went wrong i read in a forum that this is what you needed to change to make it look how i wanted it to.   under active directory it still had this guys name gtmb04_evan so i changed it to my name like the forum said, well his name is back up even though i changed it. and this is when everything stopped working.


symptoms:  all my applications act like they are newly downloaded and make me set them up. 

- my home screen is nothing like it was before, no apps are on the desktop and the bar along the bottom only has the basic ones

- i tried to take the second username off of administrater which made me restart my cp(all my stuff looked normal until this, but didnt work) 

-my launchpad wasnt showing any apps they simply looked blank

- my firefox along with many other apps wouldnt even start prior to reseting and gave me a message with something like couldnt find or access user profile( i forget the entire message)


please please help me, i hate this right now and have no idea what to do, all my files are still under my name, that when i thought i changed tbd- it apparently just made a new folder under users which didnt show up until the restart, i do not have a time machine set up on this computer because i hated the lion setup and couldn't get it to operate correctly

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    also, my usernames are being treated as equal atm, i can log in using either tbd or my name same password and everything, but the master password is different under users and groups- i asked the guy i bought it from for it, waiting for a response


    also i forgot -i changed under sharing the name from his to my name in the past 24

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    What model MacBook Pro?

    I assumefrom your info you bought it used.

    Lion is OS 10.7.x

    The previous owner should have set it up so that all you needed to do was to boot the Mac and create your own account. The more you fuss with it the more the errors are compounded. Have you a back up because the simplest way is to erase the hard drive and start from scratch. It would help to know the MBP model.

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    i had one mac and spilt water on it, the motherboard fried so i had to buy a used one...being in school and all. it is a MC375lla


    Model Name:MacBook Pro
      Model Identifier:MacBookPro7,1
      Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed:2.66 GHz
      Number of Processors:1
      Total Number of Cores:2
      L2 Cache:3 MB
      Memory:8 GB
      Bus Speed:1.07 GHz
      Boot ROM Version:MBP71.0039.B0E
      SMC Version (system):1.62f7
      Hardware UUID:A802DE22-1E57-5509-93C5-27CEF01377B7

      Sudden Motion Sensor:


    i do not have a backup of it, so i am thinking about replacing my old hard drive from the water damaged into this one, not even sure if that would work, but it did not seem to be damaged, as i recovered all the files i wanted off of it to put onto this mbp


    the previous owner didnt have it set to boot, they had all their settings left on it and tried to edit all the names on it, had a bunch of server info and printers etc crap on it.  i do not believe he edited the terminal system though--he doesnt seem to terribly bright(if thats possible)


    tbh i hate lion compared to the old one i had, this one has so many more issues-overheating,fan noise, cd dvd noise


    if you need screenshots or data of anything else as away




    [problem is i do not want to start from scratch if there is a chance of fixing it, this one did not come with disks or anything like my first. so i dont even know if i could, and how it sets now i am basically starting from scratch, because now all my apps are reset but working, i am hoping to get my data back somehow though, i lost all of my bookmarks and editing all my apps and setting again would be a pain

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    tbh it seems like the files just got moved to the wrong place because in my system report all of my apps are still there but they maybe couldnt find their settings from a username change? i dont get why now my username says my name(tbd)   like it tried to combine them or something


    edit: adding to this i have 3 folders under users my name with everything i had before/ shared/ and tbd which has no documents music etc

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    It's a mid 2010 13" model. That model came with Snow Leopard 10.6.x installed. The owner should have given you the original OS installer disks. Read this post:


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    oh ha yeah, my last one was considered "early" 2010 but he still did not provide me the disks....that will take hours to copy all the files, but i will give it a shot... thats basically how i screwed it up, was by making a second profile and not copying everything over.  I guess no matter what i have to start over, i cant even think of all the stuff i will be missing that needed researched or work done from my bookmarks and backups but oh well.



    unless you think these bookmarks could be saved somewhere? i used mozilla and i was just googling it and havent found anything yet when i saw your response

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    actually it says 20 mins for 50 gb so thats not bad...quick transfer, from the other forum do you think he meant things get messed up if i were to delete the tbd? or just in the transfer process?

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    actually my biggest concern about this transfer, after screwing up my computer, will i have to resync my iphone with my computer? because i have done that for other reasons and i have to manually do it making it a pain in the A took me 5 hours last time smh...

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    You got what you bought not what you thought. Just get the MBP straightened out and everything else should come together. Contact Apple and get those OS installer disks.

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    i have no idea what the mbp is thinking though, idk what process caused this to happen, or else i would figure a way to undo it.  i cannot restore it and i dont need tbd's space so i guess i will leave it on until it comes to that. from now on i will keep backups again. my mac pro is always backed up and so was my last mbp but i hate this machine it doesnt make any sense and runs like crap(hot, low sound, not bright-had to get aps for the first two), maybe ill just sell it on fleabay where i got it thanks for the help =]