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i will list the things i have done in the past 24 hours, hopefully one of you knows what happened...thank you in advance


first off, my situation- was that i bought a macbook pro(about a year ago) with lion or snow leopord it is software 10.7.5 i dont know what the guy did but when he sent me the computer the username was off and so was the home folder, i changed the username with ease but the home folder stayed tbd and i couldnt figure out how to change it. well it finally got on my nerves enough from looking at it that i wanted to change it today that put me into the situation i am in. Here is what i have changed:


-I added a second profile as to see if i could change the home emblem file named tbd to what i wanted.  This worked or so i thought. 


- then shared and permissions showed tbd(me) so i wanted to change that also so i went into systempreferences>users and groups>login options>network account server and clicked join/open directory utility.  this is where i believe i went wrong i read in a forum that this is what you needed to change to make it look how i wanted it to.   under active directory it still had this guys name gtmb04_evan so i changed it to my name like the forum said, well his name is back up even though i changed it. and this is when everything stopped working.


symptoms:  all my applications act like they are newly downloaded and make me set them up. 

- my home screen is nothing like it was before, no apps are on the desktop and the bar along the bottom only has the basic ones

- i tried to take the second username off of administrater which made me restart my cp(all my stuff looked normal until this, but didnt work) 

-my launchpad wasnt showing any apps they simply looked blank

- my firefox along with many other apps wouldnt even start prior to reseting and gave me a message with something like couldnt find or access user profile( i forget the entire message)


please please help me, i hate this right now and have no idea what to do, all my files are still under my name, that when i thought i changed tbd- it apparently just made a new folder under users which didnt show up until the restart, i do not have a time machine set up on this computer because i hated the lion setup and couldn't get it to operate correctly

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)