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Namaste to all in the community.


I converted my life to that of an apple 2 years ago.  I purchased a brand new MBP with and 2.66 ghz i7 chip and 8 gigs of RAM.  After utilizing a very old yet dependable of a workhouse garden variety non-apple laptop for many years.  I am running the most recent version of OSX 10.8.2


I am not a huge techie, nor am I a technophobe.


Mostly I use my MCP for internet research and writing along with some spreadsheet work.  My work world requires me to own and utilize Microsoft Office for MAC - so - to keep the rent paid I use it.  I have found pages and numbers and safari just fine and owning an iPhone 4S and 3rd generation iPad I find that the basic calendar and it's sync to all devices just fine too.  I use the standard email program with all 4 required accounts that i need all in one place and that is great as well. once in awhile i actually need to use the basic functions of iphoto too. 


as for isight cameras and facetime and gaming and such - I really don't have the time


now for the question.


things to be getting slower and slower with response time...the twirling rainbow pinwheel not my favorite thing to see 


as i said,i'm not a huge tech person - so manually knowing what to clean up isn't really the best idea


is there a 3rd party software out there that doesn't do more damage than good and isn't all that pricey or free?  i've seen posts for onyx and ccleaner and things like clamxdav


i used to of course with a non-apple laptop deal with software like this all the time and i truly want to believe what i read in posts that such things are not necessary with my MBP  - and yet - since i am not doing excessively complicated tasks with this machine - i would think with the power i have under the hood it would be just a tad more responsive


so any help you all might give would be great


i've also thought about selling this one for an AIR thinking it would lighten my load - and then of course there's the thought of the new MBP retina


any and all thoughts welcomed



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)