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I do a lot of image research for projects and want to find a good system for saving all the images I find.  Ideally, they could be searchable with tags, similar to Getty Images' database search.  I thought Aperture might work nicely for this.  Just thought I'd see if anyone has used aperture in this way?

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    Hi --


    Aperture is extremely flexible.  You have unlimited use of Keywords.  Additional built-in tags are

    - Ratings (7 levels, easily shown with Images)

    - Color Labels (8 labels, easily shown with Images)

    - Location (assigned or based on GPS, has own interface)

    - Faces (Aperture comes with a useful face recognition engine, own interface)

    - Custom metadata fields (e.g.: Purchaser)

    - etc.


    It's organizing abilities are second to none in its class (including Lightroom, Capture One Pro).


    Provide some details about your research project, and I'm sure we can comment specifically rather than generally.



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    Thanks Kirby,


    So I've assigned keywords to some of my pictures.  Then I did a test or trying to search for them with one of those given keywords.  All I see is the HUD with a keyword drop down menu to choose keywords from.  I would rather just type a keyword from memory into a search field.  It there such a thing in aperture?  Am I missing it somehow?

    Reason being that the keywords I plan to use are not important to have as part of projects or search sets of specific shoots.  It's just a continous addition of photos to the overall database.  It would be much simpler for me to type in "1970s, red, belt, woman, sleeping" just as a for instance.  Rather than looking through a long list as a drop down of even eyeballing the keyword buttons in the menu below.  That's just way too time consuming.

    Any pointers here?