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The other day my Mac G5 refused to allow me to login - and starts blowing fan after short time, but thats another story Fortunately I had a external harddrive as Time Machiner backup of data from G5 and I have my iPhone 3GS also has back up of both iCal & email accounts . I am trying to get iCal info from my iPhone or Time Machine into iCal onto another Mac , a Mac Intel (10.7.5) so that I can at least function till I resolve the G5 problem.

I have found that iCloud has not retained iCal dates as I had hoped, and when I connect the iPhone to Mac Intel it is not transferring calender info from iPhone to iCal on intel Mac. I also want to transfer email accounts on iPhone into Mail on intel Mac  .

Can anyone please advise



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)