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This question centers around theft of computers and iphones and tracing there of.  In the last 10 months, I have had two 15” MacBook Pros and a 64GB iphone stolen from my small business.  (It is now becoming apparent as an inside job.) Although I have Find my iPhone and Find my Mac activated on all of them, I have never had notification that they are on line.   I understand that both devices have unalterable IP addresses and other information that is apparent whenever they are on-line. My question is this:  What are thieves able to do to get around this and make these devices useful and saleable?  Apple seems to be stone-walling me on this question.  It seems very clear to me that these devices would be largely useless for the vast majority of users if they can never go on-line with them.  Yet an informative pawn-shop owner informed me that Apple computers and iPhones are popular with thieves, because they are able to fence them and they retain value.  How can they possibly have value other than as parts if they cannot be connected?  Apple will not tell me, but I am still presuming that there is some way the thieves are able to thwart traceability.  Otherwise, there would be no market for the stolen goods. I also wonder if there are other ways to trace these devices other than through the Apple tools available.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.3)