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Не могу восстановить пароль!!!

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.2
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    Click reset password and follow instructions

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    С Действующим apple ID у меня проблем нет, я не могу восстановить пароль на этот Apple ID: iamjackass@ukr.net я следую по инструкции, мне якобы высылают на email сообщение для сброса пароля, но это сообщение не приходит мне на email

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    In most cases it means that you at some point added a rescue email that doesn't exist or not available anymore. In that case the only way to fix it to contact apple's account security department. It has to be over the phone since they will have to validate you as account owner. For validation they will ask you A. your security questions,

    B. your credit card info, C. your serial number from the apple device that was used with that account. If they will confirm by two different things that you account owner they will help you with reset.

    By the way that apple id does not exist iamjackass@ukr.net

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    Часто письма попадают в Спам ящик. Посмотрите настройки почтового ящика.