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I am on my 4th iPhone 5. The buttons keep going out for no apparent reason. I always keep my phone in a case and keep it in perfect condition. I have yet to find a solution to this problem and from talking to the genus at the store I doubt there is one. So here is my question. How many times can I get my iPhone replaced before they start charging me and does my warranty start over when I get it replaced or does it still end a year from when I originally got my iPhone? Thanks!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    The standard iPhone Warranty is 1 year from the Original Purchase Date. Replacement iPhones have this same Warranty, except at end of Warranty period if Warranty expires, Replacement has 90 day Warranty. If a replacement iPhone has a problem during the 1 year Original iPhone Warranty period it will be replaced for free under Warranty.

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    Ok. Is there a limit on the number of repairs or replacements? Like I said, I'm on my 4th one and the problem doesn't seem to be going away so I'm getting nervous.

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    If the iPhone has a failure, it will be resolved, often with perfect replacement. Don't be nervous, you have Warranty if needed.

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    What is the time frame between replacement device and the button ceasing to work again?

    If we're talking weeks or months that would be a lot of bad luck on your part.

    If its a matter of hours or days, I would strongly suggest that you not restore the current or next replacement from backup but setup as new.

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    @brad805 Ok thanks.


    @diesel vdub Well... It's hard to say. Usually I start having problems within a month and then its completely broken within two months but the amount of time in between failures has gotten shorter and shorter. The most recent time it was exactly one month between when they replaced it and when the button stopped working all together.

    My main concern is that back when I had the iPhone 3GS they shut me off after three replacements. I was having similar issues then. I don't want to be out a phone less then half a year into my contract.