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Two questions;


1) How long does it take for additional episodes to appear on iTunes? I'm relatively new to this whole podcasting game and I'm just curious.


2) I just uploaded a second episode a few hours ago. It says I have a total of two items, but only one is actually listed in the store. Does anyone know what gives?


Thanks for any help or insight anyone can give in advance.

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    When you add a new episode to your feed and upload it, it appears immediately for subscribers because their iTunes application reads the feed directly and the Store is not involved.


    However because of the huge number of podcasts in the Store (thousands) the Store caches the feed and checks it for updates periodically. For this reason it usually takes 1-2 days for new episodes to appear in the Store: sometimes it can be less, and occasionally the whole process seems to get stuck and it can take several days.


    You should check your feed by subscribing, either from the Store page or manually from the 'Advanced' menu in iTunes, to see that your new episodes are there. If not, then you have an error of some sort (such as a duplicated 'guid' tag). If all your episodes appear when subscribing then the Store should catch up after a bit.


    Your second episode is likely to take another day or so to appear as long as you haven't made any errors; it's not really possible to comment in any more detail unless you would like to publish the URLs of both your feed and the Store page - this latter can be found by control-clicking on the podcast image (or where it should be) - and choosing 'Copy link'.  Please include the http:// in both cases to make the links clickable.

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    Thank you so much! I have to be honest, the last few weeks have been more than a little stressful as putting together my podcast has me stepping veeeery far outside of my techical comfort zone is an understatement. Thanks for the input, taking the time and giving the insight!