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I have many 2-3 hour HDV1080i movie (.mov) files, @appx 26mbps data rates, sitting in my archive.  Am converting them to H264, resulting in files about 1/3 the size.  Those films are embedded FCP-7 produced Chapters.. Having an issue with Compressor:


When I import a movie, say, HDV.. and use Compressor to export using the H264 preset, the result is a file 1/3 the size, but the chapters are gone!  Compressor is eliminating them when encoding/exporting.. Etc.


However:  if I use QT to export as 1080P, those files are still H264/AAC/Text (under get info), but ALSO KEEP THE CHAPTERS. 


Compressor has so many export choices (Presets), including H264... an several in a batch makes keystrokes easier, but ****!, why are the chapters not retained as with QT//Export/H264????


Note:  The QT option results in about 10.5mbps files.  I'm trying to get Compressor to export around 15mbps (a 'desired medium, using the preset H264 template and setting a 15000 max data rate), as well as just using the H264 preset. Both yield same results as with above.


>> How can Compressor be made to export a .mov with H264 AND not drop the chapters.  The files WERE IMPORTED with perfectly good chapters!




Final Cut Pro 7, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)