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JörnH Level 1 Level 1

Can anybody help me? The battery only lasts for 8 hours and is getting hot. I also recognised that even I switched of my WiFi it tells me that the phone has not found a WiFi-link during startup.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
  • Mr.DK Level 1 Level 1

    I have same problem - 6.12 turned my iphone into a toaster with very short battery lifetime

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    Have you reset after updating



  • Mr.DK Level 1 Level 1

    Yep tried it, no effect. I've found a post where it was suggested to disable any push/polling of mails and instead manuel Update mail inbox - this temporary fix seems to work, and i Will now wait for a new iOS update to fix the problem.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    or try a restore

    first with backup and then as new

    Don't assume everyone has your problem and there  will be a global


  • Mr.DK Level 1 Level 1

    Those 2 solutions are ón my list, but they take time.

    Apple have dissapointed mé plenty lately and i dont assume anything from Them anymore... Its sad but they lost Their grip. I have iPod, iPod touch, iphone,iPad 1 & 4, MacBook Pro 17" timecapsul but im strongly considering if i want more of Their products with all the problems they have shows lately... Ie. Poor antennes, sw. Problems poor quality on telephone aluminium etc. Etc.

  • KailuaKona Level 1 Level 1

    Ever since updating to iOS 8.0  on Sep 17 and then 8.0.2 my 5 battery is dying - tried clean re-install - went into Apple Store and the said my battery is dying - may not hold til my 6 + comes Nov 8. Also experiencing Bluetooth/ car connectivity fails -crossing my fingers -Apple always comes through. I am now 10 days out of warranty and they will not put in a new battery. Good luck to us all.