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I set up Mail 4.6 to receive and send e-mails to and from Gmail as per the instructions on the Gmail site and used additional information on this forum.


What is happening is whenever I rebuild the gmail folder it downloads again all the files I have deleated. I rebuild after deleting a lot of Spam and e-mails I no longer need.


As recommended the account is set as a imap account.


Under the mailbox tab it is set:

DRAFTS: Store draft messages on server - box not checked

SENT: Store sent messages on server - box not checked

           Delete message: dropdown set to: One day old

JUNK: Store Junk messages on server - box not checked

          Delete message: dropdown set to: One day old

TRASH: Move deleted message to the Trash mailbox - box is checked

             Store deleted messages on the server:  - box not checked

             Permanently erase Delete message when: dropdown set to: One day old


Under the Advance tab it is set:

Enable this account - box is checked

Include when automatically checking for new messages - box is checked

Compact mailboxes Automatically - is greyed out - box is checked

Keep copies of messages for offline viewing: dropdown set to: All messages and their attachments


I am not sure is this last item of  'Keep copies of messages for offline viewing' refers to the the Gmail server or the mail box - if it is the gmail server then I guess Mail is just syncronising with this; thus any mails I delete will be down loaded again. ((All the other mail servers I use I set under Advance tab to 'Remove copy from server after retrieving message' - but this option is not shown for gmail.


Two things are happening:
a) When I delete files in the Mail, Gmail folder the next time I rebuild the mail box I get 1000 + emails down loaded; even though I may only have deleted 30 or so.

b) At other time mail will show downloading e-mails in the blue download indicator, but no new emails appear.


Would welcome some direction on how to resolve these issues; thank you.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPad & iBook OS 10.6.8
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    Based on my above difficulty to delete Gmails in mail as covered above.


    I followed the instructions I found for a similar question in the forum; but now the situation became worse.


    In Mail the Gmail Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash folders I reset using Mail Menu -> Mailboxes -> 'Use this mail box for'


    These folders then disappeared from the main Gmail folder.


    Next I went online and as recommended I deleated all the emails to stop them being down loaded again. Believing that the mails had already been down loaded.


    When I went back to mail all the received and sent e-mails for gmail had disappeared.


    So Now wondering how to proceed.

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    The issue with g-mail became cronic. Now I can't delete e-mails received to my gmail account.


    When I try to delete emails in the gMail or Mail inbox the following message is show.


    The Message could not be removed to the mailbox (null)

    The destination mailbox "(null)" does not allow messages to be moved to it.


    This started after following the recomendation I found in the forum to sync gmail folders to the Mail - folders.


    I am looking for solution to get back to the original condition that while not what it should be it is better than now.


    Was hoping for solution were I wouldn't have to delete gmail account from mail then start again.


    Any ideas welcome as I would like to delete emails in the gmail folders in Gmail without logging into Gmail every time.


    Thank you