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  • Nikolaus Heger Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Same here. I did a full restore via iTunes - did not help.


    I barely get through a day - check this out: 12 hours with a refresher inbetween and the phone is down to 3%


    I think the problem is evident in the "usage" - did I "use" my phone nearly 6 our of the last 12 hours?? Most certainly not. I have a job, I have things to do, no way did I spend 50% of my time on my phone!


    I check email and messages on my phone but that doesn't take long, less than 1 minute each time - my guess is 1 hour total would be stretching it for that kind of use. 6 hours - absolutely no way.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 20.46.58 .jpg


    I was hoping for a calibration issue but no, the phone actually turned off a few minutes after that screenshot.

  • Melissious Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is so frustrating!! I see people getting 12 hours out of their phones and I would be HAPPY about that! I literally get 2 hours at most, and have always gone ALL DAY at LEAST before needing to charge. This is unacceptable!! What do I do??  I'm terrified to do a restore, because it always says I'm going to lose everything on my phone. I am always sure to close EVERY applicaiton right after I use it, and only use my phone when I HAVE to since this started happening (IMMEDIATELY after the 6.1.2 update). I can't go all day without my phone. I'm a full time student, and pregnant mom of 5 kids. What if I have an emergency?! I bring my charger with me when I can, but it seems like my phone also takes FOREVER to charge!  This afternoon I had it plugged in for 2 hours with nothing open on the phone, and the battery only went up 15%!


    I've also noticed that if I make a phone call or I'm texting, the little circle starts going around and around like it's working on something. Someone said maybe it's looking for a hotspot or something. It also gets burning hot like I'm running an app when absolutely NOTHING is open on it. 


    Apple has GOT to do something about this!

  • Melissious Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just an FYI, I have been on with Apple "support" for over 2 hours (I've lost track of time, it could be more like 3 hours, but you can probably tell by the time of my last post). It is 100% a problem with this update, but they are happy to keep me doing stupid backups, resets & restores all night. This might be enough to get me to switch to some kind of windows device.

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