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I live in the UK,


I just spoke to two Apple representatives, one from Applecare, (not sure which country they were from).

The other was from the Apple store in Regent Street.


They both told me that installing non apple ram and hard drive or SSD in a classic MBP (non retina) will void the warranty.


The Regent Street rep said that if I purchased apple ram/hard drive and got one of their technicians to do this, it would not void the warranty.



I've read forum posts which are contrary to my findings.


Is the policy different for different countries? Could they be wrong?


I really would like a definitive answer on this matter.



This really has made me think again about purchasing a Macbook Pro. I want it for photo editing and light video editing so the ram upgrade and SSD upgrade was pretty much essential.




MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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