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I have recently moved and my Time Capsule does not appear on AirPort Utility just has a flashed amber light. I've tried a factory reset as I have recent upgraded to a second hand MacBook Pro. Some threads suggest a full backup and reinstall of OSx will do the trick but this seems extreme... any other ideas?

Time Capsule, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Do this in full isolation..


    Plug a LAN port of TC into the MBP by ethernet.. I hope yours has an ethernet port.


    Turn off wireless in the MBP.. disconnect anything else from the TC.


    Now see if the airport utility can find it.. if nothing.. then do a factory reset of the TC..


    ie.. hold in reset before you power on the TC.. keep holding in reset for 10sec after the TC powers on.. three arms or a friend helps if you don't have 3 arms. Hold in reset until the front led flashes rapidly. Then release.


    Airport utility will now be able to find the TC..


    Set it up as you like.. do everything.. wireless, TC name.. security.. etc. update the TC.. then return to the network.


    NOTE.. no reset on the TC will do anything to data on the TC hard disk ..


    You certainly do not have to wipe the laptop.. but if you have continuing wireless issues.. a clean install might be the only way to fix it.. upgrade installs are still bad news.

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    Many thanks. It worked first time.