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I just bought an iPhone 5 32GB. I have a verizon contract and therefore only have 2GB of data to work with. I subscribe to itunes match to listen to at work, on apple tv, ipad, etc. I would like to sync my music library to the new iPhone, but it will not let me do so when iTunes Match is turned on. I don't want to stream music because of the data restriction I mentioned above. I have turned of iTunes Match on the iPhone and transfered all of the songs over. Does anyone know if I turn iTunes match back on, will it erase all of the music off of my phone and force me to stream from the cloud again? Thanks

iTunes, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    No it will not! I thought it would, but I just barely did this about a week ago, and can confirm it does not delete the music on your iPhone.


    When you sync songs to your iPhone so they are stored locally, taking up space on your iPhone, then you go and enable iTunes Match, it will not delete anything from your phone. The text says it will "replace" your library with that of iCloud (which is true), but you can be sure it does not screw anything up.


    This allows you to not have to stream music, as they are still stored locally, but it does update metadata over iCloud. So when you change a name of a song on your Mac, it is changed on your iPhone near instantly, and it works pretty well! You no longer have to plug your iPhone in and sync.





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    Yup you were correct! Thanks a bunch. I hope apple does a little work on iTunes Match soon. It's a great service but needs some refinement. Thanks again!