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I have a Macbook pro from about 2009, it's ran fine over the years, with the odd issue, until recently it started freezing if I used iTunes or Safari. Went in to my nearest Apple Store they told me it was the current version of iTunes & Safari were aimed for the new OSx that I had been putting off downloading, and the solution was to use Firefox or Chrome until I updated & only use YouTube for music.


I finally updated last month, and I've never seen my computer run faster until last night.
I was listening to music, and iTunes froze up, I couldn't jump from screen to screen and couldn't even get 'force quit' to open so I could shut iTunes off, so my solution was to close the screen, let it go to sleep & see what happens.
That didn't work, so I forced it to shut down and left it over night to cool off. This morning, I went to turn it on and it booted up, made the little 'chime' sound and went to the grey logo screen with a loading dial.
It then sat there for 30min.
I called the Apple store and they are baffled and told me to call AppleCare, but the truth is, I don't want to wait on hold for two hours, so I'm hoping someone knows a magic fix to this.
I shut it off & tried turning it back on again but still nothing.
I'm extremely frustrated, any help would be grand.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    2009 model, that would be about 4 years old.


    It sounds like what is occuring is the exhaust vents are clogged with dust and it's overheating the machine causing it to crash.


    Your going to have to take the machine to a local PC/Mac repair shop and have them evaluate your sistuation and give you a estimate. Take a look at your RAM and hard drive.


    Apple mostly deals with hardware under warranty/AppleCare, then usually hardware, not software issues all that much, then it's a erase and install. Older machines like yours they don't bother or quote a high repair cost and thus expect you to buy a new one.



    The local Mac repair shops can give you more tailored attention and perhaps cost effective solutions.


    My advice for that machine would be to revert to Snow Leopard, as 10.7+ are a bit of a drain on older hardware, but if you have too many files in 10.8 then your screwed basically.