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Simon Paladino  on May 16, 2006 wrote:
Send to Soundtrack Pro Audio File Project ... You get this by control-clicking on the clip... Apply analysis and fix, and process effects--just save the file and the changes will be audible on the clip in FCP. For realtime effects applied using the effects tab, and for automation, you need to use process-> Bounce realtime to action then save for these to be heard when you go back to FCP.

This sounds so cool. Yet I can't make this happen. 

I send the clip from the browser, fix the audio, save the file, return to FCP and the original file audio is not changed. 

There is a new audio file in the Browser but then in the Timeline, I must replace the original audio with the (sent) audio file.  What am I doing wrong?


Thanks for any help - I think I'm missing a simple step or not understanding the concept.