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I'm working on a documentary shot mostly on a a 1080 50i HDV camera. Until recently, I was working in a 1080 50i HDV sequence (that is to say, I clicked yes when I inserted the first media into the timeline and FC asked me if sequence settings should match footage). A couple months ago I switched to Pro Res, 1440 X 1080, 25 FPS. By 'switched' I mean I changed the compressor to apple pro res 422 and re-rendered. See attached screenshot for full settings.


We got into a festival recently and they accept both 108050i and 108025P HDCAM. My question is, is my sequence currently 50i (I assume so, since that what I shot in) or is it 25P (since the frame rate says 25)?


If it's 108050i -- is there an advantage to converting to 25P for the festival? If so, does anyone have any pointers on the best way to do it?





Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 12.32.46 PM.png

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    your project is still 50i.


    if you switch field dominance to 'without', it will be 25p.


    for your festival i recommend 50i because this is the format you have shot.


    if you want the 25p look, you want to use filters for best results in de-interlacing. forcing conversion thru simple switching in sequence settings is not the best way, you are risking artifacts.