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After many, many, many, many problems exporting an iMovie, I recreated my project yet again.  I finally completed it and attempted to export it to a large format.  I have mostly still photos, with some video clips, a title sequence, and music.  iMovie crashes on export.  I broke the movie into pieces to narrow down the problem.  It appears that the problem is picture in picture.  Segments without picture in picture export.  Segments with PIP crash.  On one segment, I removed 1 PIP at a time (of 7), and attempted to export after each removal.  Crash.  After removing the last PIP, I was able to export.  I added back in 1 photo (that had been a PIP) as a regular photo and exported the movie successfully.  There is another note on this forum about changing the placement of PIP, but the solution seemed to be to upgrade iMovie.  Then I deleted it and added it back as PIP without changing the placement and it exported.  I added another PIP back in, again, not changing the placement, and it exported.  Then I got brave and added in 4 more (2x 2PIP on 1 photo each). Crash on export.  That blows the theory of it being due to changing the placement.  Then, even after removing those 4, crash on export.  Removed all PIP and movie exported.  Added one of the photos used for PIP back in as a regular photo (not PIP) and movie exported. 


Problem appears to be with PIP. 


iMac running 10.8.2 Mountain Lion.

2.8GHz Intel Core i7

8 GB memory.


iMovie 11



This is the latest OS and latest iMovie.


Any ideas?


I was intending to just finish this project and move to Final Cut Pro for the next project.  Is it time to move now?

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Similar issue, but not as elaborate testing!  I started a movie with a PIP at the beginning.  Guarantee crash if I try to finalize, export, or play.  I gave the pip a 1 second delay at the start of the movie and it worked fine.  Still a bug, in my opinion.  Also, imbedding a transparent logo, use png format and match the aspect ratio of the image to the movie.

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    After many, many, many MORE hours of testing and dragging my 27" iMac into the Apple store (twice), the decision was "I don't know what's wrong".  We ruled out PIP, iMovie itself, user account, all my photos and videos, and probably some more things that I have forgotten.  We decided to reinstall the OS. 


    Turns out, you can do a clean reinstall by reformatting the hard drive, etc, very painful.  Or, you can just reinstall on top of the existing configuration.  We chose the latter, holding out the most painful procedure for the really really last resort. 


    It worked.  I can now finalize my movie.  The only problem is that it's a year old and I no longer care enough about it to watch it.  I'll probably get over that soon.  Everyone else in the family likes to watch it.


    I hope this helps.