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I'm really wanting to make room on my Mac Mini. I have about 70 gb left.  I'm not sure what to do. I'm using Time Machine to regularly backup my computer and its already full and deleting older backups.  I used to, in the past before Time Machine, just drag and drop files into an external hard drive and empty the file from my computer.  Should I follow a similar procedure here? If I have time machine backup up, and I remove all my files from the computer, will Time Machine begin to backup a "clean" machine onto the external drive and begin deleting past backups? What would be the best way to approach my backups, remove all my files from my computer since a variation of them are already on time machine, and not lose viable backups? Thank you.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    If you erase the hard disk and you install a new Mac OS X copy, Time Machine will start a new backup and will stop using all backups you made in the past.


    One option you have is to reinstall Mac OS X and restore a Time Machine backup, but restoring only some files: for example, instead of restoring everything, restore only your user files, and not your applications, so you will have more free space. Also, doing this, Time Machine will continue backing up to your old backup, because Time Machine will detect that you have "the same computer with the same files and the same Mac OS X version", but it's not.


    If you have more questions about Time Machine, see this site > http://pondini.org