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I am trying to setup a guest network in our youth room.  I have an Airport Express at home and it works like a charm.  However, the setup at my church is different. 


I have an Airport Express connected to a Cisco E3000 router that is connected to DSL via PPPoE.  This will change to Comcast Cable next week, but this is where I am for now.  The router acts as a DHCP server for all devices.  I had a Cisco E2000 in the youth room connected just fine, but the network was not strong enough for what I am doing (control my Keynote Slides via my iPhone/iPad while using AirPlay on my Macbook Pro to mirror the screen to the AppleTV).


The Airport Express has both the 2.4 & 5 ghz networks up and running just fine.  However, the guest network does not work whatsoever.  The Express is in bridged mode.  I realize that there is no way to have a guest network in bridged mode...so I tried to get an IP address through the DHCP server (the E3000) and then no internet works at all.  It does not seem to be getting an IP address from the E3000 and then cannot act as a DHCP itself. 


Not quite sure where to go from here.  The E2000 had a 2.4 ghz network up and running and also offered a guest network for our students.  This utilized a spash screen sign in via the device's web browser, however.  Since I'm using a different router (the Express) I understand that settings may need to be different, but I am not sure what to do at this point.  Thanks for your help in advance!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 15" 180 GB SSD, 500 GB HDD, 2.2 i7