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This may seem rhetorical but I'm frustrated.  How do I get the finder to find what I am looking for?


I have multiple Macs with different operating systems from 10.4 to 10.8 (the result of keeping legacy computers and buying used equipment).  I've been using Mac almost exclusively since 1994, I guess you'd call me an expert user.  The computer I use most often is 10.7, so I'm writing here.  I have a lot of data spread across multiple external drives.  When I use the find command on any compter after 10.5, the results I get are useless=Hundreds of files that contain . . . I don't know, some of the same letters in my search.  When I sort those results by name, the actual (single) word I spelled does not appear in the results.  Manually navigating to the drive where I know that file is, I find the file (buried maybe 2-3 folders down).  The word I spelled was correct, even to upper case and lower case, but the finder never found IT, just hundreds of junk entries.  This situation happens repeatedly.  This most basic function of a computer seems to be failing.  Is there some setting I have wrong on multiple, newer computers?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), FCS 3
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    Come on guys, I swear this is real.


    I was just working on an Excel spreadsheet.  I have the file open, I can read the name as I write the title in the finder, case correct.  The finder does not find the file I am working on right now, saved (in some unknown folder) under that exact name.  To find where the folder was, I had to open a save as command to see where Excel was saving stuff.  That's not the point.  The purpose of the find command in finder is to find a file by name.  They even innovated so it finds a part of a name.  Not now.  What is wrong with my finder?