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After selecting one scene from the scene selection menu, the following scenes play automatically, as if it were in "play movie" mode. Is there a way to stop that behavior and have the DVD return to the scene selection menu after playing just the selected scene?

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    OK, I've discovered this has been asked a few times before and the only solution is to import separate movies. Actually, I created the iDVD project form an iMovie project consisting of four separate movies that I then imported into iDVD, but that seems to have turned it into one movie. How do i keep the four movies separate when importing the iMovie project into iDVD?


    Thanks for any help!

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    In iMovie


    Do NOT use - Export/Share to iDVD (as this degrades the final DVD) - BUT


    Share to Media Browser (and as Medium or Large (can lose audio sometimes) - Never HD or other resolutions as final DVD will be BAD)


    Then in a NEW iDVD project


    Import from Media button / Movies - down to the right. One movie at a time.


    Now they will play one at a time and then return to DVD Menu.


    If quality is of importance then - iMovie'08 to 11 - are NOT the tools to use as non of them can Export (in any way known) the full interlaced SD-Video quality as all DVDs has as Standard. They all delivers just every second line of the picture with resulting loss of quality.


    I use:

    • iMovie HD6 - or -

    • FinalCut

    as they deliver 100% of what's needed (or can be used)


    Yours Bengt W

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    Thanks, Bengt, that worked.


    The only issue I have with that solution is that now I've lost the scene selection menu option. When I brought the movie in as one entity with chapter markers, I could choose either "play movie" or "scene selection." Choosing "scene selection" opened a second menu screen in which all four scenes were visible and playing sort of a thumbnail video preview of each scene simultaneously in its own frame. That second menu screen is gone now, The four seperate "movies" are all available from the first screen, but there are no thumbnail video previews like before, just the four play buttons.


    I'd love to have the first menu make "play movie" and "scene selection" avaiable as they already do, then have the second menu page with the video thumbnails and have them come back to that second menu page when each "scene" is finished. Is there a way to do that, or am I asking something that iDVD just can't do?


    By the way, thanks also for the tip on the older version of iMovie HD. I still have iMovie HD 6.0.4, which I kept because the format was easier to work with.



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    So what You want is a "Play All" button resp. a "Play one Chapter at a time" one.




    BAD News - There are Non ! in iDVD


    GOOD News - it can in part be faked.


    read on


    Play all resp. one chapter at a time

    Play All Button


    1. There are NO - Play All - button in any version of iDVD


    2. It can be faked in several ways

    • Easiest and most fault proof way is to make a doublet movie containing All and with

    Chapters set to match. It will take up x2 space but is easy to understand and produce.


    Cons: Tried this in iMovie’11 by Exporting out each part as a full Quality QT.mov then Importing back into new events and putting these into a new project (Play All project). Resulting DVD had Audio that was OK (as parts) - BUT the picture was very bad and standing photo were cut of in height. So the Play All movie has to be created from same material and exactly in the same way as the individual parts + then Chapters has to be set to match.


    • It's said that one can put all movies into a Photo/SlideShow and this will also

    give the function of a Play All button - Tested - and ONE HAS TO un-cheque - Scale pictures to TV-Safe area else it will be a black frame all around and a small picture !


    Mike Evangelist1

    You might be able to get close to what you want by using a slideshow in iDVD. (It's not widely known, but you can put videos in a slideshow.) If you set the slide duration to manual, playback will pause after each movie/slide, and you can continue with the 'next' button.


    3. Using another program to do this e.g.. Roxio Toast™ where there is a Play All button option.



    a. Making a Play All movie with same care as the individual Part movies - gives a very Good Result

    b. Using Roxio Toast™ - also an usable way to go


    Yours Bengt W