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I recently bought an iPhone from an Apple store without signing up to any carrier or plan (because I knew I could get a better deal than they were offering). So I believed I was buying an unlocked phone.


Now when I look at settings/General/About, it says the carrier is Optus. But I have just signed up to TPG and am waiting for them to activate my sim. It is a TPG sim in the phone. It is taking a little while to activate and I'm beginning to think there is a problem.


Now I don't know much about this stuff and get easily confused. This is my first ever mobile phone!


I brought my new phone home and plugged it into my Macbook pro and went into iTunes (with the plan of syncing with icloud). I wanted to get all the aps and their current settings that are on my iPod synced over to the phone, so instead of choosing 'set up a new device' I chose 'set up from backup'. I'm a bit worried this was exactly the wrong thing to do. Could this have given some wierd carrier setting to the phone? My ipod was connected via Vodaphone wifi, so I don't understand where the Optus setting could have come from.


How do I check that this is an unlocked iPhone?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    It does sound like your iPhone has some link to Optus.  I suggest contacting them and asking them.


    Here's how:

    Contact a mobile carrier

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    Check the back of your iPhone. If it is Model A1428 and you bought it in US, it is unlocked.

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    Neto, it is model A1429 and it was bought in Australia

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    sberman, I ended up ringing TPG who my carrier should be and the helpdesk guy talked me through fixing the problem. There were several issues - I needed to set TPG as my carrier and go into settings and click the 'reset network settings' button. Not sure how Optus got in there, but apparently TPG work with Optus to provide the service (telecommunication companies here in Australia are insidiously interwined and the customer choice is quite limited). Also, my ring time before going to voice mail was set to 0 seconds or something - calls were going straight to voicemail without any indication that a call was coming through. I didn't have voicemail set up, so they were going nowhere. Voicemail now set up and ring time at 25 seconds thanks to the TPG support guy. Thanks anyway, your response confirmed for me that I needed to approach TPG and get to the bottom of things.

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    I'm glad it worked out for you and appreciate the explanation. The setting of the ring time before going to voicemail is also very interesting as that cannot be controlled through the iPhone itself (in the general case - you can control it for each specific call). So it sounds like the TPG guy handled it for you from his end.


    Again, glad it's resolved. Enjoy your iPhone!

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    To set the ring time, the TPG guy had me dial a code as a phone number - I can't remember it exactly, something like ***312*25hash   25 being the number of seconds I nominated for the ring time.