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so today i was using my ipod touch 5th generation ive only had for since about the start of january and while i was on it, it just shut itself off... i thought id try and charge it buut found it was getting rather hot for it to charge so i decided to take it off and try again.. i put it back on and it was getting way to hot again so i took it off and exzamined it and i found that i had moisture in my camera lens... i have no idea what to do... my parents are going to send it away to see what apple can do about it... i am rather disappointed in having this happen.. apple is suppose to be moving foward not moving back... if steve jobs were still here none of this would have happened... if they dont fix it for me i can garrentee we will not be buying anything apple anymore and most of our technology is apple... can anyone help me with what to do ??


iPod touch, iOS 6.0.2