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I just bought a 2013 Accord EX-L no navi, the functionality with the iPhone is pretty weak compared to how it works with other phones. I have the following issues stemming from the fact that I use a 3rd party app (gmusic) to play music, and I keep the iPhone plugged into the USB port:


1. The voice commands will not work, as I have no music physically on my phone (only podcasts).  So when I say "play artist __________" it won't work. In fact the only thing that will work is next track/previous track.


2. When plugging the phone in to the USB port when I get into the car, the iPhone will autoplay music, but it will go to the podcasts app rather than gmusic.


Unrelated to music and less important to me:


3. Cannot receive/send text messages on iMid.


4. Handsfree link doesn't have any of the cool features available on iPhone.



Any fixes for any of these? They are ranked in order of importance to me. I appreciate any tips.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2