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I'll be in US next month and planning to buy an iPhone-4s ($549, Unlocked) from Apple Store there. I am worried whether all the iPhone-4s features (including Siri) would work in India or not ( with Airtel/Idea Sim) ? Also, I have been reading it in various forums that people who did the same (buying unlocked from US store and used in India)  had one common problem which is - when they insert India SIM card, the carrier name only shows up on the screen but no signal bar because of which they can not make/receive calls... can just use internet.

Can somebody help me with this ? I want to make these queries clear before I spend $549 on it.

Please suggest/guide.

iPhone 4S
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    Do yourself a favor...purchase yoyur phone in India. Yea, an unlocked US iPhone 4S will work in India, but & this is a big but...NO WARRANTY/SUPPORT in India...none. Have an issue, they'll just laught at you & tell you to fly back to the US with your phone.


    Your money, your choice.

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    If you buy in US the warranty will NOT be valid in India

    it is not international so any issues you would have to return in person

    the iPhone to USA .No mail in from outside US


    save yourself grief  and buy in India ( yes I am sure it is hugely expensive )

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    Thanks for your reply!


    It cost US $700 in India. My only point was to save the difference (i.e. $150).

    However, I can see in Apple Website that Unlocked iPhones are made to be used internationally -- then I do not understand why people are facing problems when they use it in India (like the one I mentioned in the original question ).

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    Again, the phone should work just fine on any supported carrier: Aircel or Airtel. But, are you really gonna save $150? Have you factored in import duties? And, is it really worth the $150 savings to have no warranty/support?

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    You are correct. I would rather have warranty/support than saving $150. Because you never know....

    So I would prefer peace of mind and a bought-in-India iPhone4s!