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I am on my fourth or fifth iphone 4S. After a few months of owning it only takes few hours for the battery to discharge completely.Tried everything apple recommended, the last time they gave me a new phone again told me to Restore to original settings and then sync individual items back, they thought it was a software malfunction somewhere, tried this and  worked for about 2 months I think the problem started again on this last phone after I installed the updated operating system, I tried the recommendation apple made which had worked when the phone was new but not this time. I am tiered of changing phones has anyone else encountered this?

iOS 6.1.1
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    There is a battery bug with 6.1.1 - are you using exchange?? There is a newer update 6.1.2 that supposedly fixes it.  I had a battery issue AFTER 6.1.2 but a hard reset fixed that...

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    Yes I am using exchange.

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    Try the new 6.1.2 upgrade which fixes the exchange battery issue. Then if you still have problems (like I did) delete your email accts and do a hard reset (hold down sleep and home) and then see if it fixes the issue before you reload the email.  It fixed my problem....

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    I tried this yesterday and it didn't help plus now my iPhone 4s is randomly turning off and on, have to retype texts/emails; goes back to main screen and/or having to enter passcode!  I got the phone a yr ago and had probs like so many others at the time with no dial tone or hearing callers, etc.; then a few months ago the skipping of songs after a software update.  Apple support had told me to be careful about doing a prior backup because I could reintroduce the same issue... So many now I don't know ho or what to do!

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    I cannot believe this it solved the problem. Do you think I can go back and use outlook again?

    I am surprised apple never mentioned this once to me instead they kept replacing my phone if they had it would have saved a lot of unnecessary agrevation! I am not tech savy and can get frustrated easily. Thank you very much!!!

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    I was able to reload my email? But who knows. Everyone is seeming to have different problems. It may be that all the other times your issues were a different problem, but this one was just the update bug?!?!