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Trying to reinstall Itunes on my IBM Thinkpad T60p laptop computer.  Itunes will not run correctly so I tried to download and install the new Itunes program.  Downloads OK but will not install as it states a file needed for resource annot be located and this is not allowing the older Itunes program to be uninstalled.  Just trying to copy my wife's contact list from her IPhone to my computer. Please help.  Thank you, Mike Griffin 



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iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.2, Latest Operating System installed
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    Unless you're tying to get your wife's email flooded with spam and identitly theft attempts, it's a bad idea to post personal info in a public forum.  You realize that this is a user-to-user tech support site and not Apple support. Right?


    Uninstall iTunes first before installing the new version.  The iPhone backup files won't be deleted.