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    ok. thanks

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    In iChat everyone you chat to is a Buddy.

    AIM, Jabber or in iChat 6 Yahoo as well.  (The app can also do "Bonjour" to any LAN based Mac that is also running iChat or Messages with Bonjour enabled).

    That is to say that the app can join these Messaging services if you have a Valid ID that will work with them.


    Messages app in Mountain Lion.

    Adds iMessages to the above as an Account but does not run a Buddy list for this Account and uses your Contacts App List (formerly the Address  Book)

    The iMessages account can use your Apple ID that your "register" with the service or the iPhone Number to send Messages from.


    Whilst the iOS version can somehow "tell" when a number is not registered with iMessages and will send SMS instead the Mac version cannot.


    However in iChat you could use your AIM Buddy list to add a Phone Number - as if it were a Buddy - to the list, as in my  pic ( I moused over it to bring up the details).



    So I was trying to make the Distiction between people you chat to in a Buddy list  as you would in iChat and those people you can message using the iMessages Services and your Contacts List.


    AIM restricts who SMS Messaging works for.

    1) To the USA

    2) to specific Mobile/Cell Phone companies (Carriers)


    See more and for a list of those carriers here


    In Pics

    Accounts in the Preferences and Main Messages Window.

    Accounts and MessagesWindow.png


    Window Menu and a single Buddy list

    WindowMenu and Buddy List.png


    By Default the Window Menu displays a Combined Buddy List (AIM accounts mixed with Bonjour, Jabber and Yahoo ones).

    They can be separate like this when the line about Gathering the accounts is Unticked in the General Section of the Preferences.


    Double clicking a line in a Buddy List opens a Text Chat with the "Buddy".

    In Messages the Main Messages window is also a tabbed Chat window.


    AIM Names can be registered at AIM

    However IDs issued by Apple ending in, and are also Valid AIM Screen Names.

    (in some cases this may mean registering an Apple ID for iMessages and then using the + button below the List to add it as an "AIM" Name -  Although possible I would tend not to do it or at least not with one linked to an iTunes account.)


    So,  Buddies  are people that you may have connected to in iChat via AIM, Jabber or Yahoo.

    Contacts are used direct from the Contacts App list for the iMessages contacts you have.


    If you have an AIM valid Screen Name it can be used in Messages and then you can add certain qualifying Phone Numbers As Buddies to your Buddy List and send them Messages.


    Hope that helps.


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