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  • Jim Cookman Level 7 Level 7 (23,435 points)

    I've read through this twice, and for the life of me...  You or your client spent the money shooting on an alexa, Why oh why are you not editing with a calibrated external monitor?


    That'd solve the whole mess.

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 Level 7 (20,335 points)

    been down this road many many times before Jim.  They just don't want to hear it.  There was an endless thread about banding in fcp.  When any one s(like I did) uggested that using a computer monitor to view the material wasn't the right way to do it...

  • Chris Corrado Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

    Michael, Jim, settle down.  I appreciate the concern, but not the air of intellectual superiority.


    The Alexa was free.  I'm just resourceful like that.  I'm hired as a director and producer first ... editing just comes with the package because it's cheaper on a music video budget if I do it myself than pay someone else, so forgive me for not being a color calibration expert.  I thought these forums were for people who need help, not people who already know everything. 


    I'm not working with a full HD reference monitor because they cost about the same as a decent BMW, and because 99% of the people who watch music videos watch them on a computer monitor anyway.


    All I wanted to know was why an image looks one way in FCP on a monitor, and a different way in QuickTime on the same monitor, using a direct uncompressed export.  Seemed like a pretty simple and fair question.

  • Jim Cookman Level 7 Level 7 (23,435 points)

    Chris, I'm settled down...


    Even an HDTV and a cheap blackmagic capture card will be better than no monitor.  You can hold up a piece of CTO and fake the bluegun only setting on a monitor to dial in phase on color bars.


    +1 for the free Alexa!


    I'm not necessarily intellectually superior, just old and grumpy.

  • grunberd2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Chris


    Could you step me through how you applied the 1.4 gamma correction filter?

    Thx in advance

  • Chris Corrado Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

    Sure grunberd--it's pretty easy.


    You should know, however, that I don't consider this a true "fix."  It's just a workaround that just gives you a better approximation of what you were seeing in FCP.


    Go to File -> Export -> Using Compressor.


    When the Compressor windows pop up, select whatever format you're encoding the video into.  When you pull up the options for the settings, it'll have a tab called "Effects."  Within that section you'll see an option for "Gamma Correction".  That's the one you want.  Play with the settings--export a clip with 1.2 correction, one with 1.4 correction, etc. ... then you can open up the newly created QuickTime file and look at it side-by-side with the FCP image. 


    When I'm doing this, I only export a small piece of my finished video, that way I'm not rendering an entire project just to test out a gamma setting.  Once I like the level of gamma, I go ahead and export the entire video via Compressor and apply that setting.


    Hope this helps!

  • grunberd Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Many thanks Chris.


    I'll try it. It's complicated when you don't have a high-faluttin' calibrated monitor and even then it's hard to make decisions since everyone's computer monitors register differently. When I change the preference settings in QT 7 to match FCP it looks just fine, but with QT 10 it is all washed out.

    We'll see. Thanks for your suggestion. I didn't understand you were referring to settings in Compressor. I don't want to compress the footage, just change the gamma.




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