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This is a serious question. I'm not a complete idiot, but apparently I'm not a genius either; I thought the Apple earbuds' convenient "case" would be good for hauling them around. Problem is, I struggle every time I try to return them to the case because I cannot find a consistent way to wrap them back into the thing so that I don't end up pinching loose cable when I try to snap the lid back on.


They were not loose when I got them new, so why can't I figure out how to get them back into the case in a nice tight wrap? Has anyone written up a diagram how to put the earbuds away after use?


Message was edited by: blick Okay, after I posted this, which I only did after my initial search of the site couldn't find an answer, of course the site found a similar question with a good answer. Therefore, this is no longer a question needing an answer. Thanks for reading. (Is there a way to delete a question after you find the answer from someone else's similar question?)

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1