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I fear the worst has happened already & there is no way out of this except to replace the drive. A reformat i believe is even out of the question.
So I was transferring data from one drive to another, I left for work. I came back and I see the Mac OS warning 'You need to restart your computer' I never like seening this. Anyway I start up and 3 of my 4 lacie drives start. the one in question doesn't even spinup. Silent, I paniced. But then a little activity. It was trying to spinup but not finishing. a few revolutions but stopping. There is also a small clicking sound in the drive.
The drive doesn't mount as it can't spinup. therefoe it doens't show on system profile or other software. I even tried single user mode but I don't how to search for drives in single user mode. I also think that single user mode won't work.
Any help at this point is agod send.
Thanks for anything,

Powerbook 15", Mac OS X (10.4.6), 1GB RAM 80GB HD
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    Are the drives daisy-chained to each other or connected to a Firewire hub? (Are they Firewire? I always assume that from force of habit, even through USB 2 drives are becoming more common). If daisy-chained, try dismounting the other drives before removing them, so that only the affected drive is connected, and also swap the data cable that connects the problem drive with one of the known-good drives that still mount. Does that appear to let the drive spin up? If it does, and the drive doesn't appear on the Desktop, see if Disk Utility can see it.
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    Yes they are firewire 800 daisy chained drives. Well for some strange reason unknown, I decided to switch a power cable with another drive. It spunup! but the other wouldn't. I guess that the powercable shorted or something like that. I'm now going to try fsck to see if anything was trerribly damaged. Cross yer fingers.
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    Contact LaCie; have the serial and model numbers of your drives handy. LaCie was burned by a bunch of faulty third-party power cords and power supplies a while back; your drive/cable may be covered by their extended warrenty. Considering what gtood-quality Firewire cables cost, that's no small matter!
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    Thanks I'll do that.