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Hi everyone


I have just installed a Time Capsule to work wirelessly with two 2008 iMacs. Both of them have had a major upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion.

The first Mac back up was done via ethernet before I set up the wireless side. I then set up the Time Capsule to work wirelessly with both Macs.

The second Mac back up gets stuck on 12 kb/24 000 days to back up. I did permissions repair which fixed it for a while and then it got slow again.

The first Mac still backs up fine over wireless so the problem appears to be with the second Mac.


Any ideas on this one please?


I also accidentally deleted an entire mail account in Mail.

I went to my home folder and went to: go/option key and navigated to find the deleted mail account folder. I restored it but it does not appear in the account section in Mail.


Any ides on this one as well please?


Thanks in advance



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    For your mail question try this Pondini FAQ



    It has specific section for mail.


    For your two macs one works one doesn't.. welcome to the completely obscure way Apple systems now work.


    Do a verify of both the source disk and sparsebundle in the TC..


    See A5 http://pondini.org/TM/Troubleshooting.html


    If there is no issues.. load the widget A1 into the computer that has issues so you can get a full log file of what is going on.


    You may find it is easier to just admit that TM no longer works particularly well with ML to TC.. there are too many bugs.. get an external drive and try that.. if it still gives issues.. I would recommend a clean install of the OS.. not an upgrade.


    The most recent firmware upgrade merely added to the problems so if you upgraded.. and the problems started . then downgrade again.. you are now a beta tester even if you didn't know it.

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    Thanks for your reply.


    I'll try out your suggestions