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  • diamante01 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for your very helpful suggestion.  I will try this and see if I see any improvement. 

  • christinefromwest roxbury Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem on the iPhone 4s and the iPad. The battery drain is so fast that I can watch it ticking down. If I USE the phone...isn't that what it's winds up being a dead wight in my pocketbook that is totally useless. Apple must fix this. Instead of updating for peole who use Microsoft Exchange how about concentrating on the people who are APPLE users who don't want to carry aroudn a cord to plug into any available electric outlet during the day to keep the phone useable?

  • -DICER- Level 1 Level 1

    I also have the same problem on the ipad2 and iphone 4S, ca. 28% battery drain per hour. The 4S phone is incredibly hot and this phone is only 3 weeks old. Before the 6.1.2 update battery drain was minimal (>12 hrs with out recharge). I charged my phone last night and set the alarm, put it to sleep and guess what no 4s and no alarm. ipad2 is also draining very fast.


    Apple please fix this immediately!!!!

  • Gronk39 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem since installing ios 6.1.2.


    Come on Apple - do something!!!!!!


    Put out some news that tells us your trying to fix the problem or something!!!!!!!!!


    Let us re-install the older iOS, at least we didn't have this horrible battery drain


  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    Apple doesn't read these posts, and apparantly neither do you or you would fix your phone,

  • diamante01 Level 1 Level 1

    And Modular747 continues with his rude responses to various posts.  For your information, pal, deleting and reinstalling email accounts and/or resetting the phone is NOT a solution.  First of all, it DOESN'T fix the problem.  Second of all, Apple needs to address this problem.  As I said before, your responses are rude and childish.  And are not helpful.  It must be nice to be so full of yourself and your all-knowing knowledge. 

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    You boldly troll where everyone has trolled before.  Doing the things I recommended has worked for many if you bothered to do a forum search on this topic.  Since you rejected this out of hand and never tried doing any of it,  you are in a state of abject ignorance, as your multiple posts prove,

  • diamante01 Level 1 Level 1

    The all-knowing Oz.  The man behind the curtain . . . . . . . .

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    Mr zero enlightens us again.

  • Chrismo69 Level 1 Level 1



    I, too, really noticed the battery drain after the 6.1.2 update: 50% battery loss in 3 - 4 hours.


    I followed your suggestion and it seems to have solved the problem. I ended up changing iCloud, Mail, and Google calendars all to Fetch every 15 minutes instead of push.


    I don't use my iPhone to read or follow my email, so getting this and the other data in 15 minute intervals doesn't affect me day-to-day like it would for maybe others who need email or calendar items as soon as they're posted.


    Thanks ahodroj!

  • Cpyder Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry, but that does not seem to work. Not perminently anyway. I have been doing this for a few folks for the past few months since 6.1.2 and it continues to happen. I have even gone to the point of updating my DataSync EAS connector and server running it. As well as database maintenance and mailbox cleanup for the users having this issue. (Thinking that there may have been a corrupt or mis-flagged email, calendar event, or contact.)


    I have reset the phones, factory soft and hard resets. Restored from backup and not restored.


    THIS IS DEVICE SPECIFIC. I can use another iPhone or an iPad with the same user and it does not have the issue, all the while the problematic iPhone is still flaking out.


    I have yet to see any of the Andorids or iPads having this issue. (iPads did have the Calendar bug pre 6.1.2, but not since.)


    In responce to tcgasia, you still need to do basic troubleshooting. There is nobody on the forum that can wave a wand and fix your issues. You can only take the suggestions and decide what you want to do. Most people on the forums gather and post information so we can draw conclusions based off eachothers steps and experiences.


    Call customer support if you want to gripe.

  • Cpyder Level 1 Level 1

    From what I can see, it does not seem to be married to an Exchange account issue. (ActiveSync)

    Unless gmail, yahoo, and iCloud are Exchange ActiveSync?


    I have removed any ActiveSync accounts from the iPhones that have been having issues and continue to have the same issue. It seems to stick to the "Default" account of the iOS mail client. For the 3 iPhones that have been burning in to my sanity, it does not matter if that id iCloud, gmail, yahoo, or Exhange.



    The iOS mail client crashes, closes on its own unexpectedly, and needs to be re-opened. Once opened, the already downloaded mail vanishes and is then re-downloaded.


  • mac loyalist Level 1 Level 1

    Battery drain seemed to be fixed after switching over to Fetch every 15 minutes rather than Push.  Have since updated to 6.1.3 and have not had a repeat of the problem of battery drain x 24 hours.


    The speaker problem also has stopped after going through most of the fixes in the discussions.  Also not recurring after update to 6.1.3,  Hopefully fixed.


    iPhone 4S  iOS now 6.1.3

  • Cpyder Level 1 Level 1

    New discovery..

    Note: Novell GroupWise with Data Sync.


    We still use BES in our environment for those that do not want to move to a smartphone. With deeper digging I found that there are "Event Configuration" and an "Event List" that is generated for RIM BES and one for EAS (Exchange ActiveSync).


    As users obtained iOS devices, they were naturally removed as users in the BES. This however does not remove their BES "Event Configuration" or "Event List" from the Post Office. How would the Post Office know they are not in BES anymore?? This "Event List" just kept building based off the user's Post Office mailbox and had nowhere to go.


    The key listed for BES was "SC_RIM_BES_P1"


    I am not sure what Exchange would call this, or if it even has the same labels. But I did help a friend that manages an Exchange 2013 environment and noticed that for the few users that ended up with issues after the iOS update. His turned out to be a permissions issue, he has no clue how it got flipped.


    This is the KB we looked at to resolve his issue, the symptoms are a bit different but still resolved the issue.


    Hope this helps someone.


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