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To Whom it may concern,

My Iphone has been overheating on the battery ever since i uploaded the last bug fix on the phone, the latest software stated that there was an issue with running the battery down. Now my battery lasts a maximum of 5 hrs before running out.

I have taken this phone to an engineer at Apple who basically told me that this was due to water damage and said the sensor at the top and the sensor at the bottom had turned red. Now i have researched this and i asked the technician could these sensors be triggered from sweat condinsation or rain he said no. they need to be submerged in water. My iphone has not been near any water and belive that there are sensors in the inside of the phone that have not been checked by your engineer, he also said that the copper ends where the charger goes have discoloured, I am an electrician and any metals that are exposed to atmospheric conditions over 12 months discolour. After seeing that this issue was on Watchdog I am considdering contacting them about this issue, I have had my Iphone for 13 months of my 24 month contract and under the Sales of goods act 1979 would have expected this phone to last the duration of that. My last two phones have been with Apple and really like the software and the way that they run but after these technical issues i will feel this will push me away from your brand I am not willing to pay £149 for a new handset.



Russ Ayres

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2