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If I buy Microsoft office for MacBook pro will I be able to use diacritical marks for Welsh input? Welsh requires a circumflex sometimes on a,e,i,o,w and y, in addition to a diaeresis. An acute accents are not a problem as they occur in other languages.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You can add in System Preferences, Language & Text, Input Sources, Welsh keyboard







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    Sorry I forgot Y




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    Diaeresis on a Welsh keyboard is option+8 then vowel or consonant that require diaeresis

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    Thankyou for the infomation. I've already selected Cymraeg as my input language, but haven't yet bought the word processing software. I've been using Microsoft Office 2003 on a PC which posed no problems for Welsh as I customized keys to suit the diacritics needed, so what I want is the same facility on my new MacBook Pro.

    I assume that you inserted your text from Office 2011. If this is the case I'll certainly buy the software.

    Are there codes for using accents in email? I've been using accents for writing messages in Spanish but cannot do so for Welsh?


    Thanks for your help.

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    If you already have the MacBook Pro you can try for yourself following the tips I gave you with the standard applications available with the computer.

    As for Microsoft Office 2011 I just suppose they work the same way. I don't have any Microsoft software but I asked a friend of mine that has Office 2008 and it works.