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I have a brand new factory unlocked iPhone 5 which was recently purchased. I am unable to upgrade iOS 6.1.2 on this new phone. The current iOS on this phone is 6.0.2. I have placed a local carrier SIM and it is working. Currently phone is in working condition with iOS 6.0.2 and I am trying to upgrade to iOS 6.1.2 which is the latest one. Kindly share your thoughts or experiences in upgrading to iOS 6.1.2 success.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
Solved by ramky sista on Mar 24, 2013 7:39 AM Solved

I have upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 using WiFi and this has solved my problem. Its working fine now. Thanks for all of your suggestions and remarks in making my problem resolved. Thanks once again to all.

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    Factory unlocked ? You purchased from an Apple Retail Store ?

    Are you trying through iTunes ?

  • ramky sista Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Peter,


    Yes, it is factory unlocked. I have purchased through eBay and it was a sealed pack. It is working with all kinds of SIM cards and I have tested it. I am trying through latest version of iTunes 11.0.2 version. Thanks for your quick reply on this post. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.



  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    The only source of genuine unlocked iPhones is Apple


    I would guarantee you have a hacked iPhone 5 which is

    why you cannot  update it


    Ebay is not a  genuine source and anyone can replace packaging


    You have been ripped off .

  • ramky sista Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for highlighting this Peter. I have checked from Aprtonix store as well and they have confirmed with IMEI number that it is factory unlocked. They have asked me to try updating the software using WiFi connection directly on the phone. I will try and let you know if the problem still exists. In the mean time do you suggest any other method to upgrade the phone?

  • Pyroboy5000 Level 1 Level 1

    DO a full restore with iTunes. If that doesn't work do a dfu restore with iTunes. Just google the exact time to hold each button down. It's power device off, hold power button, then hold home and power, then hold home button. I forget the exact time interval for each.

  • Paramite Level 1 Level 1

    You can't be sure of that. Even if it's purchased from Ebay, it can still be unlocked by Apple. Right?


    ramky sista: What does it say, when you try to update?

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    I would call Applecare in your country they will check the database

    to establish if the iPhone is locked to a carrier

    ( which the hack removed but only on the iPhone )

    NO ONE else has access to the DB it is within Apple

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    You can't be sure of that. Even if it's purchased from Ebay, it can still be unlocked by Apple. Right?




    It is a carrier who unlocks the iPhone not Apple

    Apple do not supply eBay sellers or Amazon for that matter

  • ramky sista Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Pyroboy5000, sure will follow your instructions and do a full restore with iTunes and also in DFU mode(if full restore will not work). Will let you know the results shortly

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    Well lets hope it is a genuine "not carrier locked " iPhone

    If it is hacked , a restore will lock it to the original carrier

    and then it will be unusable .

    You would be better checking with Apple first in case i am right

    then at least the iPhone will be usable if not updatable

  • ramky sista Level 1 Level 1

    Yes Peter. I will certainly check with Apple first whether it is "Factory Unlocked" or "Carrier Unlocked" as I could use local Airtel SIM card in it without any problems. I have purchased my ealrier iPhone 4 also from eBay and I could successfully upgrade all iOS in it till now without any problems. I will try to restore it full and also using DFU mode in case requied. I will not come to know whether it will reset to its original carrier unless I could restore it to the next version. Will keep you posted on my fidnings so that we can ensure some traction in this mail thread till resoultion. Thanks for your support in this regard.

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    If the iPhone is a genuine never locked device  purchased through eBay

    you may well make history


    I hope it is for your sake ,but talk to Apple before you do anything

    and be aware they are not required to help you in this matter

    but many have found them cooperative in various countries

  • ramky sista Level 1 Level 1

    I could successfully restore new iPhone 5 from my earlier iPhone 4 backup when my iPhone was using iOS 6.0.2. When I try to restore from iPhone 4 back up with iOS 6.1 it is throwoing an error as iPhone 5 was not upgraded to iOS 6.1. First I need to update new iPhone 5 to either 6.1 or 6.1.2 directly and then only I can restore from my earlier iPhone 4(with iOS 6.1) backup.

  • wegras Level 6 Level 6

    the more you post the more it sounds like the iPhoneS were hacked


    When an iPhone is hacked it will allow any carrier sim

    when you update it either will not update at all or lock back to original

    carrier .....

    I hope I am wrong

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