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I have a couple instrument channels and three playback channels running in mainstage. I have a K2600XS that I am using for a controller along with a CME UF80. In the particular sets I am having problems with the K2600 is not being used at all...it does transmit a footswith message 71 on channel 16 that I use to advance the setlist however. My issue is that when I change patches on the K2600 something is telling all the channel strips in Mainstage to add 3 DB. I cannot find the setup for channel strips volume to filter out the midi input. I am pretty sure the K2600 channel 16 is what is doing it as it doesn't happen after disabling the midi out on the zone with the footswitch controller. I have no keyboard selected in the channel inspector of Mainstage. Is there some other screen that controls specific channel functions that I am missing?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)