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Hi all,


there was a way with an older iMovie, where one could create a still frame out of a movie clip.. I believe it was  command+shift+s... and it created a still frame for 5sec... then there was a way to export that into a .jpeg!


Any thougths on how to accomplish this?



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    For my recommended way to do this, see my post here.


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    I appreciate the help on this one..  but this is a little too much involved for what I need to do right now....


    using imovie 6, I looked into the help section, and it tell me that I can export to expert settings...  mpeg-4, BMP, Picture.... picture is the one I want...  but tried it and do not see an option.



    further, when I dod command+shift+E,  (export) I see the dialog window with a "share selected clips only" with a selection bos next to it.   if I remember right, this box had to be selectd to export a JPEG... but I cannot selct that box.. it is greyed out!

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    In iMovie 6, open the project. Make sure no individual clips are selected.

    Move the plaayhead to the frame you want to capture.

    Use FILE/SAVE FRAME (or press Command-F)

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    While I was w8ting for the answer, I found a similar way to doing it... but more payfull.


    1st- I moved the playhead to where I wanetd to and did  Command +shift+ S...it created a 5 sec  DV still .

    2nd selected that DV still into the side pane and did  Command + shift +E (EXPORT)  [and selected the "share selected clips only"]   "Export to Quick time --> expert settings--> Export movie to picture --> selected compressions type Photo/jpeg  and voila! I had a jepg of the moive clip!


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    Thank for your help.... I'm gonna save it in my notes! Gonna take the fast route next time!