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Hi. I'm trying to import some videos from my iphone 4s into imovie 11 on my early2008 imac running osx lion, but the audio is either missing or much faster than it is supposed to be, even within different parts of the same clips. How can i fix this? Help would be greatly appreciated

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    If you have iMovie 11 and the iPhone 4S, you should attach your iPhone to your Mac via USB. If iPhoto comes up, shut it down. Then, in iMovie, use FILE/IMPORT FROM CAMERA. Choose your iPhone and that should work. Is that what you are doing?


    For best results, if iMovie offers to optimize media, say yes.

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    Hi thanks for answering but I've been doing that. For this project i filmed both on an actual camcorder and my iphone, but only the iphone content has this problem once it has been imported. As far as i can tell I've been doing exactly as you say.

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    Same issue for me with iPhone 5 and iMovie 11.  I've been searching the forums and this is the 3rd one I've found reporting the issue.  Unfortunately I don't have any solution, as I'm in search of one.  But it's becoming clear that other people are having the same issue, and it's not just with the iPhone 5.


    Only thing I've found is that the video is made on the iPhone using the Apple Intermediate Codec.

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    View the original movie files from the iPhone in the Quicktime Player.  You might need to convert the movies to a standard frame rate and the Apple Intermediate Codec before importing into iMovie.

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    Hi Brad,


    Can you be more specific?  How do you play/convert the videos via QuickTime Player on the iPhone?  I didn't find that app available on the iPhone, unless if it's a "hidden" app that runs whenever you play a video on the iPhone. The videos that I imported at least seem to already be Apple Intermediate Codec and FPS of ~30.



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    You need to convert them on your Mac not the iPhone.  In Quicktime Player X, select the "File" menu then the "Export To" sub-section.  Use the "iMovie" option under this section.

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    Thanks, tried it and didn't work.  But I am trying this with movies already imported into iMovie.  I'll try importing a new video from the iPhone and see if this process works before importing it into iMovie.  Problem is, only 2 ways I know how to import video from the iPhone is via iMovie or iPhoto?