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Hello all,


I own a IMAC that I use for video editing on FC7. I was wondering via Thunderbolt to VGA (or any other way) if there was a way to use an external moniter as my canvus and the internal comands to do so. Also the opinons of doing this. Good? Bad? any good ideas?



Final Cut Pro 7
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    Yes...you have multiple options:


    AJA T-TAP - AJA.com


    Decklink Mini-Monitor - decklink.com


    Both of these do HDMI out...so you'll need an HDTV.  VGA is OLD computer tech, and you can't use computer monitors to monitor video.  You can use them as computer monitors...just not as "external broadcast" or "client monitors."

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    Using the Thunderbolt to VGA to a LED computer monitor will not work? Or doing this can only be done with a HDMI hook up?

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    Eeewww! Oh, the horror of what you are trying to suggest! 


    No.  A video signal for a computer display and a video signal intended for TV are very very different things.  If you want to PROPERLY see what the video you shot looks like, a computer monitor is the LAST place to look.  You want to use an HDTV at least.  I'd even say avoid computer displays with HDMI inputs...but even those are better than VGA.  VGA is a very low quality connection.  DVI, HDMI...those are better. 


    But if your intention is to view your video at full quality...an HDTV is your better option.

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    I have an extra monitor just sitting around and want to make use of it. That's why I ask. Just wanting to know if its possible and if so how. Thanks for the help Shane Ross.