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Hi there


Help please. I was so looking forward to Compressor working simply and effectively. I have an hour video in HD edited in Final Cut Pro x. Pulled down Compressor which I just bought. Every time I try to render it in a smaller compressed file from 1920 to 540 it starts the process but slowly starts off with an estimated completion time of 26 minutes to a day later still going at it and now estimates 48 hours!!!!!! It just gets longer and longer and doesn not complete.  I tried numerous different settings and everytime the same result. Driving me nuts. Help please anyone. I will make you a cup of coffee!

Final Cut Pro X
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    HI Duane, it's worth trying to isolate the issues if it is compressor.app. If you have time you might  expand a little in your procedure that you are using to use compressor so that others may offertheir advice.

    • see if the FCPX project is having issues being rendered within FCPX.
    • determine if you can export a master with FCPX.
    • see if compresor.app without Qmaster will transcode a distribution


    1. Are you using QMASTER? IF not that's a good start to help isolate your workflow issues.
    2. FCPX Have you COMPLETELY rendered out the Storylines in your FCPX project? (do this first... yeah I know BG procesisng)... but try this first before procedding to step 3..
    3. FCPX : WHen this is done (step 2), try and EXPORT | SHARE the project using the DEFAULT codec (Prores??) to a separate MASTER FILE...
    4. Compressor.app: add the MASTER file from Step 3 to compressor.app as a batch and submit WITHOUT using QMASTER (This Computer) to make you new distribution ..


    see if you get some satisfaction from the above.


    IF you get through these steps then you may elimiate your FCPX project as the error cause and focus on compressor..for any errors (console.app) ..


    Lastly, appreciate that FCPX must render some tranistory (intermediate) "master" in order to "Send to Compressor" (if that's what your workflow is) . It will render this first first. Check activuty monitor.app for "promsrenderer" subtasks. THis pre-flight renedering may take time and is managed by FCPX before is appears in Compressor.app. THis is why I ask you to try above procedure first.


    If this work or doesn't let this thread know. Yell out if you need help.. plenty on this forum!


    (BTW.. my coffee = beans for the Netherlands, ground locally in my machine served super strong with Japanese milk... frothy .. loll


    Post your results for others to see.